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Sky Notes: 1-22

by Geoffrey Hendricks

January 29 to February 27, l999
Hours: Wed-Sat. 12:00-6:00

Opening: Friday, January 29th, 6:00-8:00

Continuing with my interest in showing the work of Fluxus and artists related to this group, I am pleased to announce my first one person show with Fluxus artist Geoffrey Hendricks marking his first solo show in New York in more than 2 decades. For this exhibition entitled Sky Notes: 1-22, Hendricks' has produced a series of objects and sky watercolors which reference his farm in Nova Scotia, Canada--the sounds, the alphabet, his journals, and the space between sky and objects.

Hendricks, who Dick Higgins referred to as Cloudsmith, has been active in Fluxus since the mid-sixties, becoming ordained Flux Minister for Fluxus father George Maciunas' wedding to Billie Hutching (an event that took place in my gallery space in l978) and later his funeral. As professor of Art at Rutgers University, where he has taught since l956, his encouragement of exploration in intermedia and performance art with his students is renowned.

Hendricks has performed and participated in numerous exhibitions worldwide. In l992, as part of the 30th anniversary of Fluxus, this included A la Carte at Nikolaj Kirke in Copenhagen, Denmark, Da Capo in Wiesbaden, Germany, The Seoul of Fluxus in Seoul, Korea, Fluxus Virus in Cologne and Munich Germany, Fluxers in Bolzano, Italy, as well as the exhibition In the Spirit of Fluxus, organized by the Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota. In l993-94 a retrospective of Hendricks' work Day into Night, organized by Kunsthallen Brandts Klędefabrik, Odense, Denmark, traveled to museums in Scandinavia and Poland. In l995 an exhibition Anatomia dei Cieli/Anatomy of the Sky, structured around the concept of a book, opened in Castelfranco, Italy. In l997 Rites of Passage, a show surveying more than 25 years of his performances opened at Articule in Montreal, Canada, as well as The Sky is Falling, Il Cielo Sta Cadendo, an exhibition of his objects with sky, at Galleria Caterina Gualco in Genoa, Italy.

A dominant theme in Hendricks' installation and performance work is the confluence of his ancestral roots and nature. Between Two Points / Fra Due Poli (l974) and Headstands for Santa Barbara in front of the Royal Palace, Oslo, Norway, (l994) are two examples. Bookworks and publishing have been consistently interfaced with his work in painting and performance, along with, his collaborative work with his partners: Bici (Forbes) Hendricks a.k.a. Nye Ffarrabas, The Friday Book of White Noise (l964-65) and their Flux Divorce (1971); Stephen Varble, Equinox (l972); Brian Buczak, Tronco (l977); and most recently his wedding to Sur Rodney (Sur) during a Happening finale for Al Hansen's memorial event at Judson Memorial Church (l995).

Hendricks resides in New York City and Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Press Release: December 26, 1998

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