"Weird, long-winded, wonderful." David Fricke 1997 Grammy Nominee
Chris Butler - Future Fossil Music - 1996

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July 11th, 1997,
Guinness Book of World Records
declares "The Devil Glitch" to be

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Some of the reviews...
"Then there's ex-Waitress CHRIS BUTLER'S 69-minute (!) single, "The Devil Glitch" (Future Fossil, CD), a screwy swinger with an hour's worth of Butler lyrically vamping on the end chorus as friends, old band mates, and relatives (including Freedy Johnston, Kramer, and Butler's mom) mess with the music. Weird, long-winded, wonderful."

David Fricke, Rolling Stone Magazine, June 26, 1997, p.56)


  • Chris Butler - words, music, and production
  • Paul Moschella - drums
  • Matt Azzarto, Jim Higgins, Paul Moschella, Chris Gefken - backing vocals
  • Chris Gefken - extra bass snazz on the Long Version
  • Supervising Engineer - Scott Anthony

    Other Musicians/Bands
    in order of appearance

  • Mars Williams
  • The Whatnots
  • Liam Sternberg
  • Fear of Falling
  • The Gefkens
  • Bianca Bob Miller
  • Michael Baker
  • James MacMillan and Freedy Johnston - The Know It All Boyfriends
  • Michael Aylward
  • Harvey Gold
  • Kramer
  • Christopher D. Butler
  • Mrs. Irene Elizabeth Butler (Mom)
  • Morgan McNeish
  • The Fluxus Midwest Paper Cup Marching Band
  • Scott Anthony

recorded by Scott Anthony at Harold Dessau in NYC and by Chris Gefken at Jackson Hole in Hoboken. mixed by Dave Derr at Studio E in Garfield, NJ

lead vocals recorded (no loops!) at B Jams, Hoboken, by Scott Anthony and Ben Kilmer. Mixed and assembled starting January 8th and 9th during the Blizzard of '96 by Scott Anthony at Harold Dessau in NYC. Additional transfers and duping by Greg, Steve and Chris at Upstart in Hoboken. Final assembly completed spring '96 at Mutiny Zoo in Hoboken. Mastered by Dave Steele at DBS Digital, Hoboken.

- from the liner notes

"ummmm...yeah, so i'm trading off playing demos with Nicky from Dots Will Echo, and he plays one and i play one and he plays one and then i play him The Devil Glitch, apologizing sheepishly 'cause the vamp at the end is 12 choruses long and i don't remember if he said it or if i said it or if the caffeine said it but suddenly we're both giggling 'cause the problem with the song isn't that it's too long it's that it's too short! and wow! wouldn't it be cool to fill up a whole CD with choruses??

"so that's what i did. three months later i'd written over 550 of them (usually in the early, early AM before the cares of the day shut off the joy valve), then passed out 2-3 minute chunks on ADAT cassettes (wake up, Alesis...promotional opportunity!) to people i've worked with and asked them to add accompaniment. this was in April of '95 thinking i'd have the chunks back in a month and the whole thing assembled by Memorial Day, wrong. it took a year to get everything organized, but that's okay 'cause the software to actually glue the thing together wasn't available in '95 and Freedy Johnston took forever to hand in his piece (worth it) and Kramer (the Waitresses' orginal sound man!) had to be goosed to get his bit in (also worth it) and John Giant Flansburgh will finish his one day (non-LP B-side!) and don't get me started about my Mom (never try to produce your Mom).

"anyway...it's done and it's 69-minutes long and there's also the 5-minute/radio-friendly (or unfriendly 'cause of all the cuss words) original version."

-Chris Butler

Check out the "Devil Glitch" interview with Chris Butler in Consumable, the online music magazine.
"The song goes on...and on...and on...." article in Online New Jersey, the online edition of The Star-Ledger.

The Story Behind the One-Minute Version of "The Devil Glitch"
(the one available here via streaming audio):

Morgan Fisher (ex-Mott The Hoople keyboardist) requested a one-minute version of "The Devil Glitch" for inclusion in his second "Miniatures" CD. The 60 or so compositions on this disc come from around the world and all deal in some way with a Millenium theme. Morgan never said WHICH Millenium, however. "The Devil Glitch" includes an audio time-travel ending, which is a regression back to 1900 via the entire history of audio recording technology (digital-tape-wire-wax cylinder).

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