Chapter One. Detour. Last summer Janice and I drove to Iowa to visit my mother. The movie, The Bridges of Madison County, had just been released with considerable fanfare. Janice admitted having read the book but thought it was "overwrought"--Janice is an writer and has an M.A. in English from the University of Michigan. She was eager to see the movie, though. Clint Eastwood is good to look at.

Although I grew up in Iowa, I had never seen the covered bridges. Janice had never seen them either. Now seemed like a good time. So we decided to take a detour through Madison County.

Iowa Theater Marquee
Iowa Theater, Winterset, Iowa
When we drove into Winterset, Madison County's county seat, we were amused to find that THE MOVIE was (of course!) playing at the local theater.
We decided to stay to see the movie that evening. It would be a good story to tell, and it would give us more time to hunt down the bridges and explore the town.
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