Allen Bukoff's
work with
The Vertical Pillows
a Detroit rock band
1984 - 1986

When I moved to Detroit from Kent, Ohio, in the summer of 1984, I began looking for local bands and a scene in which I could continue "playing my game"--creating and distributing small pins and novelty packets. I quickly found an appealing band, a loud hard-rocking band of four young Detroit women called "Vertical Pillows," and I began to work with them.

Over a two year period I created more than half a dozen promotional novelty packets for The Vertical Pillows. I also created a portfolio book of my work for them. This portfolio is reproduced here and on the following eight pages.

Click here for more background information about this band and my work with them (including the connection to CANDY BAND!).


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#1: Summer Fun Pack

#2: Want You To Have This

#3: Doll Packet


#5: Publicity

#6: World's Smallest Flyer

#7: Propaganda Handout

#8: Propaganda Packet


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