A Fluxus Influx Event

Experiences/observations from eryk charles arthur salvaggio 

EVENT LOCATION: Campus Of Keene State College, Keene, NH, USA

EVENT TIME: 12:00AM Thursday February 25th To 12:00AM Friday February 26th.

OVERVIEW: "College Students Are Stupid."

SPECIFIC EVENT: "Untied Shoe Sidewalk Art."

PARTICIPANTS: Eryk Salvaggio, Chris Stave, Zack L. Woods.

12:00am THURSDAY: Shoe unlacing commences. Cake is purchased and eaten 
for an unrelated event. 

12:15am Globs of cake are placed on a sidewalk square and each peice has 
a cigarette inserted into it. If spitting occurs it is on that single 
square of sidewalk. All others are kept perfectly clean. 

12:30am Random passerby witnesses the event and remarks "Beautiful, Man, 
Just F*cking beautiful." 

12:45am En route to Grocery store are several girls returning from a 
fraternity party that is taking place down the street. Pointing out the 
state of our shoes, they remark "Duh Duh Duh Shoes." We decide to take 
this as the official slogan of the Keene Based event. 

1:15am In the grocery store we realize that untied shoes and long walks 
through fields to a grocery store mean bad things for shoelaces.

1:25am I win two dollars on a scratch ticket. Realation to shoe event 

1:45am We head to bed.

12:00am (noon) Wake up and head to class. Shoelaces remain untied on all 
three people. 

9:00pm The yield is only one mention of untied shoe laces, to Chris Stave.

10:00pm Event is discussed on "Chris Stave" Radio show. 

12:00am Friday Shoelaces are re-tied.

All in all, the final results were the realization of just how annoying 
it is to go about your day with your shoe laces untied, as well as how 
dumb College kids can be.

Experiences/observations from eryk charles arthur salvaggio 

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