A Fluxus Influx Event

photo by Janice Bukoff
Shoe Day Experiences/Observations.
  by FLUXUS Midwest
Made t-shirt the night before.
Shoes untied all day.
Wife mildly amused.
Wore three different shoes today:
  started day with black low-tops
  then Doc Martens for court visit
  then running shoes for gym
  ended day with black low-tops
Observed repeating flickering
  automatic urge to tie them.
Actually tied them twice,
  before I realized what I was doing.
Laces on low-tops now real yucky.
Sometimes I felt juvenile about it.
Once (walking up to court) I felt stupid.
Mostly I was very aware of it.
Often felt amused at participating.
Thought about doing this web page.
My mental day revolved in and around it.
The "art frame" made day seem special.
I did forget sometimes.
Low-tops and running shoes didn't
  loosen up much.
Doc Martens got too loose; pressed
  toes down while walking.
Doc Martens had short laces.
Low-tops' long laces kept my attention.
Not noticed or acknowledged by most.
Hair dresser said "my shoes are united?!"
Defendant's attorney nodded at my
  shirt and and my shoes and says
  "That's pretty cool."
Friends at meeting were amused.
-untied shoes getting a haircut
-untied shoes for court appearance
-untied shoes checking mail box
-untied shoes at gym
-untied shoes at meeting
getting hair cut
photo shot in mirror waiting outside courtroom 
to be called to a hearing
checking mail at
FLUXUS Midwest post office box exercising at a gym


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