A Fluxus Influx Event

Experiences/observations from "alan.bowman" 


went to buy toilet paper at shop on Sea Road, Fulwell, Sunderland UK, 
wearing jacket attached to Fluxus Midwest pin. Realised that it was 
colder outside than it had looked from the sofa in front of the fire. 
Should have worn big coat which is not attached to anything in particular.
Walked to shops (about 4/5 mile) under threat of rain considering methods 
of toilet paper/boot coupling.
Looked in DIY and junk shops for cheap toilet roll holder. 
Found a little picture frame. 
Didn't buy it.
Found cheapest toilet paper I'd ever seen - 2 rolls "Happy Shopper" brand 
for 45p (one pound sterling = 100 p not sure what that is in dollars but 
believe me it's cheap)
Was to find out later that "Happy Shopper" toilet paper is only fit to be 
stuck to shoes. Perilously thin, conventional use could prove dangerous.

walked home from shops in rain and hailstones, small jacket and very cold wind.
Made lunch - right boot mummified in toilet paper.
Toilet paper remained on boot for remainder of day in house.
postcards typed boot wrapped in t/p 
postcards addressed boot wrapped in t/p 
t.v. watched boot wrapped in t/p 
dishes washed boot wrapped in t/p 
floor vacuumed boot wrapped in t/p 
most of the work that was supposed to be done was not, boot 
wrapped in t/p.
Every time a piece of toilet paper fell off I felt obliged to pick it up 
and wipe my nose on it, thus it was not wasted.
To prevent litter - walked outside with toilet paper tucked int o boot
Variation - toilet paper tucked into boot, passed up leg of jeans and out 
of hole at knee.


1/ toilet paper attached to shoe for a reason, inhibits desire to remove 
therefore if shoes are uncomfortable, wrap them in toilet roll and 
state that you are doing so on behalf of Fluxus Influx - hey presto 
problem solved
2/ having boot wrapped in toilet paper raises awareness of movement of 
chair legs during posture adjustment whilst typing.

Experiences/observations from "alan.bowman" 

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