A Fluxus Influx Event
Experiences/observations from eryk charles arthur salvaggio ( 


At promptly 6:00PM, in order to coincide with a concert being held in the 
student center, we began the event. Report by Eryk Salvaggio
OVERVIEW: This event evolved as it carried on, turning into a peice with 
several levels of flux. The first involved the placing of the shoe papers 
themselves, the second involved watching as people followed the path 
created, the third was opening the empty mailbox. 
The odd thing was the number of people who took no interest, despite the 
obviousness of something happening. Most curious was in the situation of 
pairs of people, it seemed that if one took an interest the other didn't. 
Chris Stave noted that it was as though "They were waiting for someone to 
tell them whether it was cool or not." 
Also odd is that in the anonymous portion of the event, a great deal of 
people refused to take note of us watching their reactions, but asked 
their friends several about it. Here is the report:
1. First step taken at 6:15PM. Proceeded to elevator. Each step was 
marked with a paper with the traced contour of my shoe and the fluxus 
influx logo. 
2. Elevator took us to second floor. 
3. Exited elevator. 
4. Proceeding to my mailbox, became apparent that each step was 
significantly larger than believable, but nonetheless were accurate. 
5. Upon the arrival at my mail box, I placed my foot on the box and taped 
the shoe paper to the wall. 
6. First activity completed 6:45PM. 
7. Event was monitored anonymously from a phone booth accross from 
8. Reaction was immediate. A student en route to the concert followed the 
path to the mailbox and then smiled and looked at us. Told we were 
reponsible, he shook his head and suggested we reward people for 
following the footsteps. The idea that the steps would, in fact, 
suggest that someone would follow them, had never crossed my mind in 
planning the activity. He suggested I hand out "Bozo Buttons" or candy. 
Taking that into consideration, I then went and opened my mailbox, which 
was empty. 
9. Two girls came in to check their mail. One girl took a great deal of 
interest in the papers taped to the floor, the other girl was 
GIRL 1: What are these shoe event things? 
GIRL 2: I don't know, but I think I forgot my combination.
10. A female art student followed the path and responded to us, at the 
phone booth, "I hope you guys didn't do this."
11. Many people who were there to check they're mail rather than simply 
following the footsteps would pretend not to notice the papers, though 
ALL took a quick glance into the section that they led to. 
12. A group of students taking the elevator (there were two steps taken 
in the elevator) erupted into laughter when the elevator opened and the 
shoe path continued.
13. A student laughed and kicked one, ripping it. It was promptly 
replaced after he left. 
14. "You mean it only leads to someones mailbox?"
15. Many people avoided the papers, despite their level of interest in 
the activity. 
16. A female commented that "Maybe someone stole what was supposed to be 
in there." (referring to mailbox)
17. Young girl ina wheelchair laughed hysterically, asked to have one as 
a souvenier. 
18. As we were removing them from the ground (which we decided was in our 
best interest, as a janitor had passed by as we placed them) several 
people seemed more free with direct questioning of the event. Responding 
that it was an "art experiment," several girls requested copies of the 
shoe. Three were given away in total. Note that none offered phone 
numbers in exchange. 

Experiences/observations from eryk charles arthur salvaggio ( 

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