A Fluxus Influx Event
Experiences/observations from eryk charles arthur salvaggio ( 


Location: Keene State College/ Main Street, Keene, NH

1. At 1:30PM Zack Woods and Eryk Salvaggio exited the student center and 
removed shoes. Original concept was to wait until someone pointed out 
that we were barefoot, at which point we would place socks on our shoes. 
2. Walking barefoot through the city of Keene, it became obvious that 
walking around a city with barefeet was immensely painful. There were 
puddles which left a trail of bare footprints on the sidewalks. 
3. It then became apparent how quickly you could get used to walking 
barefoot. After passing through a gravel parking lot Zack Woods reported 
a tolerance for the ground. No one had commented on the fact that our 
shoes were missing. 
4. After an hour shoes were placed back on, as we were enetering a 
basement littered with glass. Decided to be purists and called that the 
end of the event. 
5. Concerning the name for the event, it comes from our friend who was 
walking with us, James Morrison. When asked, as we removed our shoes, if 
he wanted to take part in the event, his response was "No Fluxation 
Without Representation." That was the end of the subject. 


Location: WKNH Radio Studio, Keene, NH 

1. Radio Show "Something About Something Variety Hour" was done with a 
shoe over the microphone. The call out was made for people to call in 
concerning their shoes. One anonymous report was filed: 
"My shoes are all soul, except for little bits of gravel on the bottom, 
to protect me." 
2. At one point two microphones were used, one for each shoe, and the 
sound was broadcast for :30 seconds. 
3. Found this show to be, for some reason, one of the most exhausting I 
had ever done. 

Experiences/observations from eryk charles arthur salvaggio ( 

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