SHOE DAY Thursday 26 MARCH 1998
A Fluxus Influx Event

Experiences/Observations of Owen Smith (

Counting Song No. 8 1/2 (for emmett)
- count shoes for a time.

RE:port - I decided to count shoes and note types of shoes as a way 
of seeing if Spring might be comming to Maine. I predetermined five 
categories of shoes - boots, tennis shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes 
and sandals. Then with my pad, pencil and timer I prceeded to the 
mall and took up a spot by one of the main entrances. Starting 
sharply at 2 PM EST I started to count count shoes of passers-by and 
to record the category of shoes into which each pair fell. This 
process was continued till 3 PM sharp. In this one hour of time I 
counted a total of 130 pairs of shoes in the following categories:

Boots - 26

Tennis shoes - 48

Casual shoes - 32

Dress shoes - 18

Sandals - 6

and if this count is any indecation - Spring has arrived in Maine!!


Experiences/Observations of Owen Smith (

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